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stats and charts

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Make the most of your visit

  • Use parksheets to plan nearly every aspect of your Disney World visit(s)!
  • Budget your ticket passes, resort stays, park and Downtown Disney visits
  • Select your dining experiences at the parks, resorts and Downtown Disney
  • 375 embedded links to Disney dining, entertainment, rides and special events!
  • Prioritize which ride and entertainment experiences you will do for each day!
  • Stats page summarizes your visit/plan by park, event, dollars and time!
  • Charts page shows your visit by park, event, dollars and time!
  • Use parksheets on the go with your smartphone or tablet computer!

"I wouldn't make a trip to Disney World without it!"

- Emily H, New Jersey


"Money is tight these days and Parksheets really helps me know what to expect."

- Jim S, Florida

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Easy-to-use powerful tool

  • Use parksheets to keep track of what you actually spent!
  • Record your pass prices, resort and dining dollars for each day of your visit!
  • Pages for Group Info, 4 parks, Downtown Disney, Resorts and Dining!
  • Use parksheets for single, multiple visits, or yearly passes!
  • Great for making sure you see every dining and entertainment opportunity!
  • Record how many of your group experienced each restaurant, show and ride!
  • The stats page lets you know just how far your vacation dollars go!
  • Chart page lets you see how you spend your time and dollars!
  • Use this year's actuals to help budget next year's Disney adventure! 
  • Use your smartphone or tablet computer to update Parksheets on-the-go!

"I love keeping track of all the things we get to do at Disney each year as a family.  Looking back at it, I am reminded of the good times and I get fired up to go to do it again!"

- Chris H, Florida

"We are on a quest to visit every restaurant on Disney property!  A pretty daunting task.  Parksheets helps me keep track of what we have done and how much more we have to do!"

- Joe F, Illinois

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Numbers and Graphs

Stats page

  • Automatically-updated report!
  • Shows visits, hours, rides and entertainment summarized by park!
  • Gives total dollars by park and resort!
  • Reports special events attended! 

Charts page

  • Automatically-updated graphs!
  • Displays visits, hours and entertainment distributed by park!
  • Shows distribution of dollars spent by park!





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At your fingertips

General Information

  • Orlando and Kissimmee area tourist information links and phone numbers
  • Disney World and Disney World UK and Brazil website information
  • Links and phone numbers for Walt Disney World reservations, dining, and golf
  • Area transportation websites and phone numbers
  • Orlando area airport websites

Four theme parks and Downtown Disney

  • Links organized by area for dining, entertainment, and rides
  • Links go directly to the Disney website so you get the latest information
  • All links go directly to the Disney reservation site for that restaurant

Resorts and Resort Dining

  • Links for each of the Walt Disney World resorts
  • Goes directly to the Disney website for that resort
  • Links for each of the resort dining locations
  • Link directly to the Disney reservation site for that restaurant

"I find it very convenient to have all the Disney links organized in an easy-to-find way when I am planning my Disney vacation!"

- Michelle F, Puerto Rico

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